Surnames index

I decided to write a few words about each family associated with the Wierzbicki family. But it is a big challenge. I hope to cope. But if any descendants of the families listed below would write a short story about their relatives and support the information with photos, please email me at:

Wierzbiccy, descendants of Joseph and Emilia, my great grandparents, (born in the mid-19th century)
Wierzbiccy, relatives of Emilia (coincidence of names, possible very distant relation to Joseph), daughter of Jakub Wierzbicki and Anna née Jankowska.
Natałkomy mother Eliza's family (Natalko, married Wierzbicka, 2nd husband Kolanska) The Kolanskis, my mother's 2nd family
Kolańscy, second family of my mother
Mickiewicz, second husband of my grandmother Ludwika Natalko
Tuszyńskihusband of my mother's sister, Janina
Eichhornhusband of my mother's sister, Halina
Kondratowicz, my mother's family
Olechnowicz, my mother's family
Czechowicz, my mother's family
Szymczykmy sister Elzbieta's family
Szczepanik, my wife Anna's family
Łabuńscy, my grandmother Virginia's family (my grandfather John's sister)
Tomala, family of Eleonora, daughter of Michal Wierzbicki (brother of my grandfather Jan )
Massan, family of Eugenia, daughter of Michal Wierzbicki (brother of my grandfather Jan)

Now the names associated with relatives of my grandmother Tamara, wife of Jan Wierzbicki:
Gan (Han),